Vancouver Island Student Interns

Universities on Vancouver Island provided The Boeing Company with three interns in 2014, and look forward to supplying additional in 2015. These are the only Canadians to be accepted as interns ay The Boeing Company in the USA, and their success speaks to the quality of the three universities and two technical trade schools on the Island.

Linda Xu – Royal Roads University

Intern at The Boeing Company, Seattle Washington – 2014
“I am Linda Xu, a graduate of Royal Roads University. Currently, I am completing my term of internship with The Boeing Company in Seattle, WA. My experience working in the aviation industry has been both interesting and exciting. Through my internship experience, I have learned about the latest technologies and features that are being incorporated into today’s aircrafts. Additionally, I have learned about the global position that the aviation industry holds in today’s economy. Since I am involved with the finance team at Boeing, I have had to learn much about the various organizations and companies with which Boeing deals. For me, it has been a worthwhile experience to witness firsthand the culture of a company that is so heavily integrated into aviation, a staple of contemporary travel.
As the world develops into a more globally connected network, as well as with state-of-the-art technology and a market spanning the vast blue skies, the aviation industry offers both a unique and cool experience to anyone who climbs on board. To students and those who want to have a professional and exciting career, I would definitely recommend exploring internship or work experience in the aviation industry”


Simon Moffatt – University of Victoria

Intern at The Boeing Company, Seattle Washington – 2014

“… thrilled to be among the first three Vancouver Island students on internship with Boeing. My gratitude, appreciation to UVic, the VIAA and all the other individuals that have made all of this possible. My Boeing experience was very rewarding, challenging and I was able to make a meaningful contribution which is important to me. Many new experiences, most notable meeting so many passionate and interesting people which has energized me to focus on projects that push our knowledge and capabilities forward. I aspire to one day being involved with something big – a long term base on the Moon …. landing a human on Mars.” Simon Moffatt, Mech Eng., University of Victoria

Lochlin Duperron – Vancouver Island University

Intern at The Boeing Company, Seattle Washington – 2014

“For a testimonial, I’d say ‘I’d like to thank VIU, the island Aerospace community and Boeing for the opportunity to train in the US. Being one of the three summer interns was an amazing experience, and I’m hoping to return after I graduate this December.”